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Hair Salons

Let's face it, next to relationships with signifigant others, picking a hair stylist at a hair salon ranks as a close second in difficulty. If you don't believe that, consider leaving your current stylist and going to somebody else at her salon...touchy situation, isn't it?

Fortunately, we here at work tirelessly to find you ideas that will make picking (and leaving) a hair stylist as pain free as possible. Here are a few ideas:

Recommendations: Ask a trusted friend who (s)he uses. Compile a list and then decide based on price, location, and your friend's opinion which is the best stylist for you.

Professionalism: Above all, you should find a salon, and stylist, who is professional. Make sure that person treats you properly by asking specific questions about what you want done, somebody who doesn't gossip or discuss personal problems, or in other words, somebody who is more concerned with helping you get the hair style you want then anything else!

Communicate: Like any relationship, communication is the key. Let your stylist know what you what your hair to look like. Ask for her opinions; remember, this is what she does for a living and probably has some wonderful ideas. Listen to her recommendations and decide if you like her ideas and trust her using scissors on your hair. If not, move on!

Breaking up...sob!: If you are unhappy with the level of service you receive from your stylist, consider going elsewhere. Two things to consider:

1) talk with her about this. Disappearing without saying anything is the worst thing that can be done; what if you run into one another a few months later?

2) If you want to go to a different stylist at the same salon, be sure to communicate this with your current stylist. Explain you want to try something new, and if she is a professional, she will overcome any feelings of hurt or rejection and, well, become 'just friends.'