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Damage Control for Hairstyles

Get a little too adventurous with the hair style? Did your stylist take off too much? Did the color not turn out like the picture on the front of the box or did it completely bleach your hair? Are you in need of serious hairstyle damage control?

Never fear, your friends at are here! We have identified several ways to control the damage. Just remember, if it's bad enough, we'd love to hear about it and spread the word by posting it on Bad Hair Days. Share the misery!

Step one: Relax, it's not forever! Remember, hair does grow back eventually.

Step two: Haven't you needed an excuse to buy that cute new hat from Macy's?

Step three: Weaves or extensions. You will be surprised at how real they look and how many celebrities use them!

Step four: Go all out. Try a new color or a shorter cut...just think, what else can go wrong?

Step five: Once the anger (and Stress) has subsided consider trying a new stylist or different salon. Check out Hair Salons for ideas about how to switch stylists.