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Stress...and Effects on Hairstyles

Feeling stress, anxiety, or depression? You are not alone!

We're killing ourselves. Many of the top causes of death in our country are related to stress. From heart attacks to high blood pressure, we're digging ourselves into an early grave each time we feel stress. Stress causes anxiety and can lead to depression which ruins lives and mental health. Reducing stress levels can add years to your life, saves marriages, and makes us all happy and healthier people.

So what to do about it? First of all, understand it.

Stress it the bodies chemical and physical way of dealing with difficult situations. It can cause muscles to constrict, which leads to reduced blood flow and increases headaches and muscle aches. Stress reduces our immune system and increases our chances of becoming sick. It can cause sweating, irritability, increased heart rate, decreased blood flow to vital parts of the body, damage to scalp and hair leading to dandruff or hair loss, and even vision problems. All of these things help affect our sleep, causing insomnia or sleep-depriviation, which only makes the situation worse!

Over time, stress and the serious side effects, can wear down a person's mental health and cause depression. These disorders often need to be treated with medication and counseling.

If learning all of that raises your blood pressure, then you might be prone to stress. To help combat this dreadful issue and keep you healthy (so that you can revisit our website in the future!) we have put together some ideas to help you Reduce Stress and gain control of your health.