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Short Hairstyles - Short Hairstyles, or Pixie Hair, can be Fun and Sexy!

Short hairstyles are hot! Need to feel a little wild? Tired of blow drying long hair? Maybe a short hairstyle is right for you! Pixie hair -- short hairstyles -- are cute, fun, easier to handle, and great for a change of pace. Let's be really honest, men adore pixie hair when done properly, what man isn't in love with tiny Tinkerbelle, the cutest pixie of them all? Hey, if the short hairstyles works for her, why not you?

On a serious note, selecting the proper short hairstyles is a big deal. The bad news: it takes a long time for hair to grow. The good news: hair does grow! Short hairstyles do grow back if you don't like them! Taking the plunge and cutting off years worth of hair can (and should) be a hard decision. The potential payoffs for short hairstyles are great: easier to manage, less time spent caring for your hair, cooler -- not as hot in the summer, very cute, sexy, and fun! Check out friends with short hairstyles, talk with your hair stylist, consider how much you really do love your long hair, and decide!

Short hairstyles can be Wild!

Short hairstyles can let out your wild side! Easy to take care of, fun to show off, pixie or short hairstyles can be invigorating and exciting. So go wild --> with a hot short hairstyle!

If you have have a sexy short hairstyle, we'd love to see (and post) your photo. Send us your hot short hairstyles and you just may see your picture in our Hairstyles Pictures section.

Also, if you have a terrible story about a short hairstyle gone bad, please share it! Laughter is the best medicine, and we'd love to share it so others can enjoy!